Shoreline Restorations

Quickly Reviving Areas to be More Functional

Diminished Pond Enjoyment

The aspect of enjoying your pond visually or physically is greatly diminished with excessive shoreline vegetation. Overgrown shorelines can quickly take a beautiful body of water and turn it into a secluded unusable jungle. Some of these aggressive plants include phragmites, cattails and shrubs.

Reclaiming Neglected Shorelines

Lone Pine has had great success in reclaiming neglected shorelines. Having the proper equipment, we can reach down a pond bank and safely shred any unwanted vegetation. This process leaves the ground undisturbed. Shredding the vegetation deposits a layer of mulch preventing erosion.

Maintaining Your Ponds Benefits

If you are tired of how your pond looks, we can quickly transform it back to the one you remember. A maintained shoreline has many benefits including increased property value, fire safety and usability.

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