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We recognize the need for a professional company that can look at projects from a biological aspect.


Land and Lake Professionals

Lone Pine Outdoors specializes in projects that are focused on restoring natural habitats and aquatic environments.

Whether that involves the management of your pond, the planting of native wildflowers or the control of invasive species in your woodlands, let us be the professional company for your outdoor needs.

Fish Stocking

From Hybrid Bluegill to Channel Catfish, we stock only the best fresh water fish.


What is our Purpose?

Aquatic Services

The key to restoring healthy water is to have a long-term, proactive management plan and not a reactive approach that includes continually treating the symptoms.

Native Grasses & Wildflowers

Native plants have deep roots that stop erosion and catch pollutants in water runoff while promoting plant and wildlife conservation.

Forestry Improvement

Woodlands that are well-managed provide clean air and water, homes for wildlife, beautiful scenery and a place for recreation.

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